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In this video, I will show you how to use the find and recode feature in Xero to move transactions from one account code to another. I will guide you through the process step by step, starting from logging into the demo company and running the Trial Balance Report. I will then demonstrate how to select specific transactions within a date range and recode them to a different account code. By the end of this video, you will have a clear understanding of how to use Find and Recode on transactions in Xero.

Xero use find and recode

Step by Step Instructions

Here’s a step-by-step summary of the demonstration video:


  • Objective: Move transactions from one account code to another using find and recode in Xero.

  • Accessing the Demo Company in Xero:

    • Log into the demo company.
    • Navigate to "Accounting" and select "Reports."
    • Choose the "Trial Balance Report."
  • Identifying Transactions:

    • Identify the balance to be moved, e.g., printing and stationery ($94) to office expenses ($812.59).
    • Click on the transaction to view its details.
  • Setting Up Date Range for Find and Recode:

    • Go to "Accounting" and select "Recode."
    • Click on "Find and Recode."
    • Add conditions, including the account code and the desired date range (e.g., September to today).
  • Searching and Selecting Transactions:

    • Click "Search" to find transactions meeting the specified criteria.
    • Use the selector to ensure all relevant items are selected.
  • Initiating Recode Process:

    • Click "Recode" after selecting the transactions.
    • Set the new account code (e.g., office expenses) and click "Review and Confirm."
  • Confirming Recode Action:

    • Review the recode summary to confirm the action's completion.
  • Verifying Changes:

    • Go back to "Reports" and select the "Trial Balance."
    • Confirm that the office expenses now reflect the increased transaction amount, indicating the successful move from printing and stationery.
  • Conclusion:

    • This method provides a quick and efficient way to move transactions in bulk from one account code to another in Xero.

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